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Your 'COSMIC-DNA' Report is actually a visually enriched, astrology birthchart or natal chart. It's organized in logical parts so you can discover the secrets to why you act certain ways at certain times. I dare you to now discover what forces drive you. Once you do, you may begin to realize how some things in life are not accidents.

To my understanding this far, the universe, just like your body, is an organism - and as there are vast systems of life, which sustain you, keep you going - some parts of that system, you may not have become aware of yet. And like your body, there is a living-breathing personality to you as well - and it has been stamped by energies that we didn't know affected us until now.

I'm bringing this to you, so you can enrich your life, learn about yourself, and your friends. It's time to take the control back - and understand yourself. Do it. You don't have to read the whole thing in one sitting, unless, of course, you just want to...and don't be too surprised if you find that it matches you to a "T." Finally you can now discover your own 'Cosmic-DNA' and know ... you are who you are for a reason. read more

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Get Ready to Dive into Your 'COSMIC-DNA' Report. Here's where it comes from: in Astrology, the planets revolve around the Sun and each have unique energies that imprint upon you as you leave your mother's womb -- NOT JUST THE SUN SIGN. At the time of birth, you are stamped with a Cosmic DNA based on: 1) where each planet is revolving, 2) the constellation it's near, 3) as a line is drawn from the planet to where you were born on Earth.

Based on what sign you have in the moon will determine your emotional disposition for many things. The sign that most people know about is the Sun sign, which makes up the values that are most important to you, essentially the core of who you are. Venus represents your basic relationship tendencies. Mars tells you how you are when you're going to go after what you want. There's more, so if you can't stand it anymore and have to read about your cosmic dna, click here to make it happen.

Isn't it a great thing to be given a true gift? This site is my gift to you. As much as I'm curious about myself, I want to allow your inner curiousity to grow, as you begin to experience yourself and grow in confidence as well as a more-complete self-awareness. Putting this site together, I came in contact with the richness that astrology can offer, to reveal the parts of ourselves that I didn't think anyone could shed light onto... I was just as surprised as you're going to be. see more

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